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Film Digitisation

Do you have a back catalogue in storage? Jobs that have been produced conventionally?

With the latest technology these jobs can be digitised and supplied back to you in the format of your choice. From positive or negative film, scan just the images or the whole job, and with new files having no loss of quality your archive can be brought up to date and be ready to be re-used.

With most printers moving to the CTP system you will no longer be restrained by the ties of a film archive, giving greater flexibility and the ability to re-use archive material.


Eskofot Scanner


A scan of your supplied material can be made and the digital file can then be colour matched to the original. With some of the best scanning facilities at hand, digital files are of the highest quality.

Scan from artwork, transparency, photographs, printed copy or any other media and receive the digital file in the format of your choice. Get the scan and have it digitally printed, we have range of stocks and large format printers available.


Fuji Scanner


Supply open files or print ready PDF's and get a set of quality digital proofs.

Proof the whole job or just key pages. These are ideal for checking content and colour and these proofs can then be supplied to your printer to match to. Avoid printing issues and have peace of mind that the job you have produced will print as you expect it to.


Imposed proof sheet

Digital File Manipulation - Quark Indesign Photoshop etc

Supply open files in Quark or InDesign along with the linked images and fonts and receive back print ready PDF's and a set of quality proofs.

Pages can be made up using supplied images and returned to you in the format of your choice.

File formats can be altered, for example DCS files can be converted to single file.

Files can be manipulated in photoshop. This can involve anything from colour correction, cut outs, cleaning up, cloning out and masking to more complex layer work.